Yesterday I had the fun pleasure of decorating a Christmas tree for the First Annual Christmas Tree Showdown with Goodwill of Northern Illinois.

Here's how I spent under twenty dollars to beautifully decorate my tree.

Myself, Captain Jack from 96.7 the Eagle and Kristin Cwynar from WTVO were all given a $20 giftcard to Good will to find ornaments and other decorations to trim our trees for the First Annual Christmas Tree Showdown.

Now you would think $20 won't go very far, but at goodwill it does.

I was very surprised at the many items I found to trim the Q98.5 tree and I made it under $20.

In fact, I only spent $18.92. I was under what Captain Jack and Krisitin spent for their decorations.

My biggest splurge was the tradition star tree topper. It cost me $2.99.

I know $3 for a star that at other stores would easily cost  $10 to $12 or more.

I found so silver star garland in roll to wrap around the tree for $0.99.

I also found a set of 2 grapevine like garlands to wrap around the tree for $0.99.

Next was a bag of large fruit pieces of Apple and Pear ornaments for $1.99.

I found a smaller bag of little glittery apples and pears for $2.99. Most had ornament hangers, the few that didn't I put at the bottom of the tree since I forewent a tree skirt.

Next to were the ball ornaments. I found a box of 6 copper colored ornaments for $2.99  and a mixed bag of gold and red ornaments for $2.99.

Lastly, I had 6 gold angel ornaments to hang on the tree. Unfortunatley, I had to put 3 back to stay under budget . The ornaments were 2 ornaments for $1.00. I spent a $1.50.

All together complete with tax, I spent a total of $18.92 and decorated a beautiful tree.

Of the 3 trees that Shannon Harper, from Goodwill, crowned my tree "The Best in Show".

Here's a good look at what I created in a couple hours for under $20.

Susan Tyler; Townsquaremedia
Susan Tyler; Townsquaremedia

I'm really proud of it.

I would so do this contest again.

If you're looking for tree trimmings and other decorations I highly suggested you hit Goodwill first before heading to any of the box stores. You will be surprised of just what you'll find and how cheap the items are.

To see the the fully decorated trees and the judging of the trees click here.







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