The Illinois country music DJ in question is JB Love of Q98.5.


He is a teammate of mine so I'll try to be as objective as possible in this story.

We entered as a doubles team to the local shuffleboard tournament at CJs in downtown Rockford.

The two of us have played a bunch of games while having the best tacos in Rockford when Javy opens up for lunch on Tuesday afternoons. I'm not great but I am pretty good. JB has gotten a LOT better over the last few months. When we saw that CJs was having a shuffleboard league over the holidays we wanted in.

We had no idea how good we were. We just played each other, we thought we were good but had to wait until Week 1 to find out where we stood.

Now JB's epic failure happened in the third of the 3-game series. I'll describe some of the action that lead up to it for context. You'll want to wait for the ending because it truly is amazing.

Games are to 15 points. In the first game, we were trailing 6-5 with JB shooting last.

Here's a quick video on the rules of bar shuffleboard to get you familiar.

That video is unnecessary, but a helpful appendix to this article.

Anyway, we were down 6-5, JB was throwing against his opponent and had 7 points on the board and the last weight to throw, if he just threw the weight away we would walk away with a 12-6 lead and on our way to a comfortable victory.

Instead JB hit the opponents weight into scoring and out weight off the board giving our opponents a 13-5 and an eventual win.

In the second game of the series, JB executed a fantastic last show to knock our opponents out of a 5 point round and turned it into a 9 point round for us and a 15-5 Game 2 victory.

I'm only including these details to show that JB knows how to play the game which makes his last decision so perplexing.

It was the third and deciding game that the unbelievable play by my partner happened.

We were leading 13-11, JB was shooting against our opponents. JB was shooting last and when he had the last puck in his hand. At that moment he had secured 4 points, which would have given us the lead. Our opponents had already given up and were congratulating us on the good match. I was yelling "Just throw it off!"

Instead, JB fired a missile down the middle that knocked his weight off the board and gave our opponents 2 points to make it 13-13.

This made the Leon Lett Thanksgiving turnover seem like a mild brain fart.

And every single person in this video had less of a collapse than JB.

It turns out that the NFL is blocking this video. Search "NFL celebrates too soon," it's worth your time.

The coda to this whole story is that I made a clutch thrown on my last weight to knock our opponents out and score 3 myself for the win. But that is WILDLY beside the point.

I have NEVER seen a dumber decision made in any competitive arena and wanted to make sure I shared it with the world.

We're 1-0 but definitely need to clean up the moronic decisions to keep that record unblemished.

Come back here next week to find out what dumb thing JB does next week.

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