If a unique dining experience is just as important to you as the meal, you have to go to Milwaukee's hidden SafeHouse Restaurant and Bar.

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To be honest, my family doesn't go out much. I don't mean that to sound as depressing as it does, but we truly are a family of homebodies. We like staying home and spending time together. That being said, when we do go out, we want to have FUN, and I think I just found the perfect place to do that next time we're in Wisconsin.

The Hidden Wisconsin Restaurant That Serves 'Safety for Spies'

When it comes to themed restaurants, I'm of the mind they should "go big or go home". A truly exceptional themed restaurant needs to go further than some wall decor and select menu items, it needs to provide a full theme experience, something that the SafeHouse Restaurant and Bar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin seems to have nailed completely.

Let's put it this way, when you arrive at the 'hidden' SafeHouse, you need to provide a password to gain entry, but once you get inside the real show begins.

Here's what to expect when you embark on a dining mission at the SafeHouse according to their Facebook;

Enter the world of espionage at SafeHouse, a hidden restaurant and bar located in Downtown Milwaukee. Those without knowledge of the password will be required to do a clearance test to show they are not a double agent before entering.

The inside of the SafeHouse is designed to look like a Cold War spy retreat and the staff has unending spy tales to tell. SafeHouse's website says;

The spy sanctuary offers something different to each visiting agent, as no two visits are the same. Just remember, a good spy never leaves the same way they came. Only your souvenir will prove you were ever here! Read, memorize, chew, and swallow this message.

Are you as fascinated as I am right now?!?

If you think undergoing a spy mission at SafeHouse isn't suitable for the entire family, you're wrong! SafeHouse features kid-friendly missions during the daytime hours, so it's the perfect place to grab lunch too.

Milwaukee's SafeHouse also hosts several fun events throughout the year, so your mission now, if you choose to take it, is to book a reservation, crack the password, spy the menu and get ready to have some espionage style fun!

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