They are finally here. McDonald's decided to add a little zing to their chicken McNuggets and release them as an attempt to make 2020 suck a little less.

The creators of the world's most popular burger and distributor of "why does it taste better than anywhere else" flavored Coca Cola has outdone themselves again. Millions of people around the world already love McDonald's chicken McNuggets so this is already a "Christmas in September" scenario.

McDonald's dropped their spicy chicken McNuggets very recently and I've yet to find a bad review. I would even venture to say if someone does leave a bad review they probably never enjoyed McNuggets anyway. But, even with all the rave reviews, I had to try these for myself. And, if you know me, you know McDonald's is my weakness.

So Mac Don's (as an old general manager I worked with used to call them) did not alter these little McMagical nuggets too much. Their description backs it up.

...flavorfully spiced with a blend of aged cayenne and chili pepper that is sure to get your attention.

Not even Guy Fieri could have described it any better. This is exactly how I would describe my trip through ten of their spicy chicken McNuggets. Before I destroyed these little guys, I grabbed my phone and hit record, mainly to see if the spiciness would bring a sweat to my brow.

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