What's better than one awesome garage sale? An entire town joining forces for a garage sale weekend.

I honestly can't remember if garage sales existed in 2020. Did they? Were people ok to go to them? Or did we just miss an entire year of the greatness of garage sales?

Understandably so, if we did.

Honestly, it doesn't matter because THANK GOODNESS, 2020 is over.

In 2021, I can absolutely say that garage sales are back on. Including a HUGE garage sale in Oregon, Illinois

I love when towns decide on specific garage sale days. It makes it so much for fun for those who are participating and for those who want to score as many good deals as possible.

So if you're free on May 28 or 29, grab your best sale buds and make a trip to Oregon!

And if you live in Oregon, make sure to get your permit so that you can make sure your garage is part of the sale.

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