If you are going to be hosting a garage sale soon, make sure you pay special attention to cell phones as they are being stolen. 

The Roscoe Police Department published a press release warning its residents of a potential string of stolen cell phones at garage sales. Here is what the press release says:

"Roscoe Police have taken multiple reports over the last two weeks for cellular phones, specifically late model Apple Iphones, being stolen from garage sales. The suspects are described as three hispanic females driving a gold SUV. All reports state the phones are taken when the owner is distracted or the phone left unattended. Please secure valuable items if holding a garage sale & please contact the Roscoe Police Department if you see something suspicious or have any further suspect information" .

Garage sale season is still a big deal around these parts. They could be heading to another town in either Illinois or Wisconsin. If you are going to have a garage sale, keep any valuables close to you as possible. Also,it is always wise to have another set of eyes at the sale.

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