Warm weekends in Rockford means garage sale everywhere. Most of the signs advertising and directing you to the sale are plain and boring. Usually, all the signs blend together and leave me thinking "... yup, another garage sale." I think other people would agree. So how do you stand out amongst the hundreds of garage sales each week? Do what these people did.

You've got to grab eyes and make your sign stand out, just like these people did. Take a meme or something you've seen online a million times and work it into your own advertisement because let's be honest, you've got to put forth the effort to grab people's attention these days. That is exactly what these people did.

#forthewin. I have no idea what they were selling at their garage sale but I wish I would have gone. And like Jennifer, I want to be their BFF. To these people: job well done on best garage sale sign, you certainly grabbed some eyes.

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