I love summer. I love being out in the sunshine and blue skies.

I love that now we can drive with our windows down. Those things make me happy.

For some though riding a bike makes them happy.According to a study by Eric Morris of Clemson University, those that bicycle are the most content.

Falling in second place is being a passenger in a car, while driving a car is number 3.

Those that travel by bus or train were more down.

Well riding a bike is fun, but there is no way I'd be biking to work. Although the exercise would be great. I think 16 miles (36 round trip) would be a bit much.

I'm ok with being #3, driving my car. I'll save the bike riding for just for fun activities.

Great now I have Queen's "Bicycle Race" stuck in my head.

Here I'll share it with you.

You're welcome!