Don't Worry, Be Happy and Swim
There's nothing better on a hot sticky day than to jump into a pool to cool off.
Swimming is good for us for a lot of reasons.
In fact a study by members of the British Gas SwimBritian found that swimming actually makes you happier...
If You Want to Be Happy Ride a Bike
I love summer. I love being out in the sunshine and blue skies.
I love that now we can drive with our windows down. Those things make me happy.
For some though riding a bike makes them happy.
Feel Happy in 30 Minutes
It's Friday Eve! Now that should make you happy. It sure does me. Knowing the weekend is almost here!
However, if seeing the overcast skies this morning makes you feel a little down here's 9 things that will make you feel happy in 30 minutes.
What Songs Make You Happy
Although Mother Nature tried to get the best of us this morning by snowing on us, we need to keep a happy face on because 1. It's Sunny and 2. Spring has officially begun, and 3. It's the International Day of Happiness. I want to know what songs make you happy?

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