A drink that has taken Asia by storm, is coming to the U.S.

If Cheese Tea makes it way to Rockford would you drink it?

No I'm not kidding. It really is hot tea with cheese in it.

Apparently, if you like milk or cream in your tea then cheese tea will be right up your alley according to Bustle.

OK, I like cream in my tea sometimes. I'm listening.

Cheese tea known as Heytea, has a "layer of cheese is a about an inch, [it's a] mixture of whipped cream and cheese (cream cheese, I assume), lightly seasoned with salt beautifully poured over the drink of your choice...The cheese layer is full of punch – so fluffy, thick, creamy, and rich with a hint of saltiness boost the flavors of the cheese. Whereas the tea, Jasmine green tea to be specific, is on the average scale. However, when you have a sip as instructed, 40 degrees tilted, right amount of cheese and tea fills your taste bud, bursting with complex flavor as you gulp em down!"

Hmmm...At first thought when hearing the name Cheese Tea it just sounds gross. I imagined a hunk of  cheese floating on top of tea.

However, after reading it's description I might give it a go if it turns up here in Rockford.

I mean, I like cream cheese. I like whipped cream. I do like cream or milk in my tea sometimes.

Currently, this drink is only being offered at Happy Lemon at their "New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and California [locations], but if the drink takes off it will likely be found in tea and coffee shops everywhere.




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