Move over Rockford Starbucks, there's a new coffee chain in town.

This caught my eye Sunday morning as I headed out to grocery shop at Schnuck's on State Street.

Right around the corner from Jimmy John's, at Mulford Village Drive and Puri Parkway, a sign caught my eye.

"Coming Soon!... Bambu Che"

I did a little research and found out that Bambu Che is a coffee chain that specializes in coffee, teas, desserts and the Vietnamese drink Che.

According to their website, drinkbambu.comChe is Vietnamese word meaning "home-made beverages, dessert drinks and puddings. Our Chè is made to order using freshly cut coconut water or daily prepared coconut milk combined with select exotic, healthy and delicious ingredients."

They also offer smoothies and juices made from exotic fruits, a wide selection of teas, and what they call "bold coffee drinks".

Their website doesn't list the Rockford location yet.

Their Facebook page, Bambu Che, shows the exact photo I snapped of the storefront and really nothing else, but pictures of cars out front of the place (presumably the owners' cars) and these modern wavy wood beams on the ceiling of the new coffee spot.

They are definitely playing coy about it, aren't they?

Do you know anything about this place?

Have you tried it before?

I'm so curious about them now.

As for the opening date, nothing was noted on the door.

I guess we'll just have to watch, wait and see.




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