Now that the holidays are over, most of us are thinking about getting healthy and loosing weight.

To help your weight loss goals along, you need to drink these five beverages.

If you're working towards getting rid of some excess weight or maintaining a fit body, we to burn as much fat as possible. My Diet Doctor listed five drinks that "help reduce fat and burn those extra calories.

Skim Milk - "skimmed milk is extremely important for losing weight due to the action of the calcium of milk. Calcium increases the ability of the body to burn fats as well as makes the process even more effective and quick." Low fat chocolate milk is great to drink after working out for muscle recovery too.

Green Tea - "green tea can help you lose that extra belly fat quite easily.  Drinking 3 to 5 cups of green tea every day for a week can show some amazing results by making your body burn nearly 35 – 43% of the total fat reserves." Green Tea speeds up your metabolism.

Black Coffee - The caffeine gives you an energy boost but it also helps to "suppress your appetite and burning those fat reserves. Coffee has also been known to heat up the body and increase the metabolic rate by stimulating thermogenesis." Remember though it has to be black coffee no creamers or sweetners and you should only drink 2 cups a day.

Vegetable Juice - "vegetable juice before meals may reduce the intake of calories by 135, according to Pennsylvania University Studies. Whether in a can, homemade, packaged, vegetable juice is a fabulous approach to getting the nutrients and fiber to help your weight reduction in the long run. he veggies will keep you more full and the nice flavor will keep your taste buds satisfied."

Water - Yes of course natures beverage is the best for us, helping us to burn calories. "If you are not completely hydrated, your metabolism will ease off, making you unable to burn calories as effectively as possible. When you drink ice col water, your body has to burn fat to heat the cold water back to your body temperature, thereby letting you burn about 100 extra calories daily. Have water prior to your meals as it makes you eat less and get fit quickly by reducing your appetite", plus it fills you up.

So now you know what to drink to help you with your weight loss goals. It's a variety over plain water or flavored water and it will help keep the boredom of having the same thing over and over again, which sometimes tends to happen when we diet. We get stuck in a rut and the it makes the process tedious and boring, but if we have options and can change things up that will help stick to our healthy goals.

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