Right now I have chili on the brain, and not just because the 2nd Annual Wiff'n Chili Event is coming up Saturday, October 4 at Aviator Stadium. It's also because Ella's first birthday is on October 25, and I'm in full party planning mode. What does her party have to do with chili you ask? Well, it's part of the party theme, and I need your help!

They say a child's first birthday party is more for the parents. The kid won't remember it, and we need to celebrate making it through the first year with all still alive. So, I am taking full advantage of this, and planning the party I never got as a kid. Don't get me wrong, I was blessed with awesome birthday parties as a kid, just never with this particular theme that I LOVE.  I can't unveil all the details yet, but I will say this...we will be seeing SPOTS at "Cru-Ella's First Birthday Paw-ty."

I am so stinkin' excited, and already driving my husband nuts.

So, you are probably still thinking, "Get to the point, Shannon. What does this have to do with chili?"

Well, all of the party food will be puppy inspired, and chili looks like what? Canned dog food! (Thanks to my husband for coming up with that awesome idea) Here comes the part where I need your help. We love chili in our house, and our usual recipe is delicious, but awfully boring. We know others aren't as picky eaters as we are, so we want to offer a few different recipes to choose from.

Do you have a delicious chili recipe to share? I sure would love to see it! Send it to Shannon.Zimmerman@townsquaremedia.com, and I will let you know if yours is one we choose to serve at Ella's party. Just keep in mind, I am not much of a chef, so the easier the recipe is to prepare, the better!

Thanks in advance for your help!

If you too want to find different chili recipes to try, mark October 4 on your calendar for the annual Chili Shoot-Out and Wiffle Ball Tournament. It's a full day of fun, food, and entertainment, and you don't want to miss it!