Steve Summers and I always hear from people "you guys seem to have so much fun in the morning." Absolutely true. So, we thought we'd give you an insiders peek in to this morning's circus.

Most people also believe this is how we spend our mornings while the music is playing...

Steve rocks out...

And I'm scared.

All true, but we do more than just sing along to music for 5 hours. We have been very busy today preparing for the Wiff'n Chili event tomorrow at Aviators Stadium in Loves Park.

First we started the day as twinsies with coordinating outfits. Unplanned. Again. This seems to happen a lot lately.

Then we read the paper. Recognize the familiar face on the cover? (FYI. He hits the stage tomorrow at 4p.m. at the Chili Shootout)


Then we began work on our Chili Shootout theme. Care for a preview?

First we "borrowed" some toilet paper. Steve plans on eating a lot of beans tomorrow.

Then Steve provided me with a good guinea pig.

Finally we worked on some arts and crafts projects.

Can you guess our theme?

See it for yourself tomorrow when the gates open at 9a.m. at Aviators Stadium. Dress warm cuz I hear the forecast is calling for chili weather! Pun intended...