With the Thanksgiving this week one thing is for sure there's going to be a lot time spent in the kitchen.

I have a few quick and easy " How To" veggie hacks that will save you time in kitchen.

If you having salad with cucumber check out this quick way to remove the seeds.

Hate cutting peppers because of those stupid seeds and membrane? Check out this quick and easy way to cut, slice and chop those peppers in no time flat.


Don't forget those potatoes. Follow this video and the skins will just fall right off.


Lastly, if you making deviled eggs don't waste time peeling those shells and getting sore fingers do this instead.

Don't forget this quick way to core and slice an apple especially if you making apple pie or that awesome pumpkin pie dip to dip them in. (I posted the recipe below.)

Hopefully these tips help you and will cut down all that time in the kitchen, so you can enjoy your Thanksgiving being with your family and friends.

By the way, one your all done, go enjoy a cold one. In fact you can impress your guests when you open it this way.



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