I'm just going to say it; I HATE spiders.

Little, big, furry, I don't care, if it has 8 legs and is in my home, it will die.

I know every one of God's creatures has a purpose on this planet, but I really cannot handle spiders. Especially ones that look like this...

Photo by Marino Linic on Unsplash
Photo by Marino Linic on Unsplash

No, that is not a creature from Hell, (even though it totally looks like it), it's a Wolf Spider. I've had several encounters with these creatures in the past, and they never end well for either of us. Each situation usually involves a lot of screaming, goosebumps, spider juice/guts, and vomit spits, but apparently, I should be handling these meetings quite differently.

What to Do About a Wolf Spider Problem In Your Home

As the weather gets colder wolf spiders like to move into warm homes, so the first thing to do is make your house far less cozy. There are a few simple things you can do now to keep wolf spiders out according to one pest control website:

  • Make sure there are no gaps or holes in windows, screens, doors, basement foundation, etc.
  • Eliminate clutter. Wolf spiders like to build nests and hang out in quiet spaces like old boxes, piles of clothing, and crawl spaces.
  • CLEAN! Since wolf spiders like quiet, undisturbed places, the more you vacuum, dust, and remove webs the fewer spider problems you will have.

The Benefits of Wolf Spiders

Experts say wolf spiders are actually a good thing to have around your home since they eat a lot of other insect pests. Basically, "rehoming" them is good, killing them is bad.

I've seen a lot of people sharing this post on Facebook recently, and although I will admit it includes some valid points, I still don't think I will ever be able to carefully and calmly eliminate wolf spiders from my house...what about you?

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