Time Saving

Save Time and Microwave
If you're like me saving time in the kitchen is a must.
One great time saving invention was the household microwave.
They do so much in our food preparations. Have you ever considered using them for peeling your fruit or vegetables...
Clean the House in Under $20
Monday night after work I stopped by Target to pick up toilet bowl cleaner and shower cleaner.
Doesn't it stink when you have to buy cleaning supplies. You can walk out of the store with barely two bags and your spending over $30 for the stuff. What's worse is this stuff isn't fun stuff, it's boring …
The Best Kitchen Invention
As you all know I love to cook. When I get time on the weekends you'll most likely see me creating some sort of tasty meal.
I have found one of the best kitchen inventions that help when you're wanting to save time and use up less cookery.
Ziplock's "Zip n' Steam"…