If you're chowing down on some 'za in Illinois, is it breaking the bank?

There's truly nothing better in life than a pizza.

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After a long week, there's really nothing better than sitting down and seeing this in front of you.

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A new pizza survey came out. It did two things. First, it made me crave pizza at 6:00 AM. Then it broke down the cost for a slice of pizza by state.

How does Illinois compare to the rest of the US when it comes to having a slice? Let's break it down by the data.

Credit expensivity

It costs $7.33 to chow down on a slice of pizza in Illinois.

First things first, let's just take a second to appreciate the fact that we aren't paying $9.21 for a slice of pizza. What's up with that Alaska? Looks like out west they're paying extra too. There's that whole strip of yellow that are all paying over $8.00 for some pizza.

So who gets the cheapest pizza? The cheapest cheese pizza is in North Dakota, where the average price is $6.64.

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The study also analyzed pizza density in each state. That doesn't mean how dense the crust is. The study actually looked at the density of pizzerias in every state. Hilariously enough, the smallest state has the most pizza.

Expensivity details -

You can’t move without entering a pizza joint in Rhode Island.  America’s smallest state has 37.3 pizza joints for every 100,000 residents – the highest density of pizzerias for any American state.

Here's how the rest of the map compares -


Looks like Illinois and Wisconsin are pretty average.


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