This really looks bad. A man who's job requires him to be alongside Illinois Governor Rauner for hours upon hours every day, was fired on Monday.

Politico is reporting that, on Monday, Governor Rauner fired his 'body man" Ben Tracy for "racially-charged, homophobic and sexually explicit tweets. So, what the heck is a body man? According to the Sun Times

A body man “body man” serves as the governor’s assistant — traveling with him, taking pictures, collecting business cards and helping people connect with the governor. In some cases, the role requires work seven days a week, depending on the governor’s schedule.

Politico obtained screen shots of the inappropriate tweets that date back to 2013.

Here are some of the tweets Ben Tracy tweeted:

  • I’d f--- her teeth straight
  • I bet you liked that #fag
  • No, He's a f----t
  • To the Indian people in the library: SHUT THE F--- UP!
  • You stole that from me homo

Politico reports that Laurel Patrick, who is the governor's director of communications, said:

These tweets are unacceptable, the individual in question is no longer an employee of our administration.

What's interesting is that this 'body man' was fire on his first day on the job. This begs the obvious question. Why didn't the state of Illinois properly vet this individual prior to hiring him, like private industry does?

Be advised that many of these tweets could be considered NSFW, view at your discretion by clicking HERE.

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