Did you hear about this? Governor Rauner gave President Obama his own day in Illinois.

I know the burning question you have, "Do we get the day off?"

This past Friday, August 4th, President Obama celebrated his 56th birthday and according to DNA Chicago Governor Rauner penned in a special day to recognize and celebrate our former president.

However, don't go counting on an extra state holiday to have off next year. It wasn't made a legal state holiday.


Want to know why?

Well thanks to our lovely state budget debacle and our huge debt and overall miserableness the efforts to make it a legal state holiday failed. Governor Rauner said that "he was concerned about the economic impact on the state at time when lawmakers were struggling to pay a $15 billion backlog of bills." 

Basically that means our state can't afford to take a day off with pay. We are too poor for that now. Boo!

Wow! How's that for a slap in the face not only to us citizen, which we've been slapped so many times I think our faces are numb. Honestly though, it's more of a slap to Obama. It's like "Here guy we'll give you a special day, but it's in name only."

Oh well, I guess it's nice to be recognized. Right?!



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