Rockford City Market is a great place to be on Friday nights. You can meet your friends enjoy good food, drink and music.

However, there are five things I wish were there to make it even better.

I miss a couple of the vendors that aren't there this year that have been there in the years past and there are few things I wish they would add back to their line up.

1. Wineries. I'm surprised there aren't any local wineries there this year. Hailey's in Byron was my favorite until they closed business and are no longer around. Where is DC Estates Winery, McEachran Homestead Winery, or Prairie State Winery?

2. The yummy Hummus guy. I loved the hummus I got from Olives4You. There isn't a another vendor like that this year. I miss the hummus and the olives he had. Why isn't there someone like that there?

3. Bath and Body products. I remember my first time going to City Market. I got these really cool bath booms from Bath and Body Fusion. They aren't there this year and there aren't any other bath and body vendors there now or due to the crowds I didn't see their booth.

4. Spirits. We have a couple of breweries there with Pig Minds and Prairie Street by why isn't there a vendor offering their whiskey and other spirits. Offering the option to have it on the rocks or making mixed drinks would be great. Have a company like Whiskey Acres  from DeKalb or The Blue Line Pub and Whiskey Bar should be there. Now that would be an awesome addition to the market.

5. More cocktail tables to stand and eat at at either end of the venue where the musical guests are playing. OR... Better yet, how about turning the former Water Street Cafe into public bathrooms. You know flush toilets and changing tables for all the  parents with kids in strollers.

Those are just a few things I think could be added to make the Rockford City Market experience even better.

What else do you think is missing and should be there?

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