If the new Starbucks drink became available here in Rockford, would you drink it?

Wait before you have visions of sweet, chocolaty and whipped cream deliciousness, let me warn you it's peppery and meaty.

Yes you read that right. Pepper and meat. I'm not making this up either.

Starbucks, according to ABC7, has come out with a new cold brew coffee drink that's not only peppery but it's served with beef jerky. Yes. I said beef jerky.

The Pepper Nitro is coffee that's "slow-steeped as cold brew and served on draft through a nitro tap and then finished off with an infusion of malted fennel and black pepper syrup. A honey cold foam sits atop the coffee, and baristas finish the drink off with cracked peppercorn and a skewer of beef jerky."

Wow! Now that is a crazy combination. Sort of a sweet, spicy and meaty drink flavor going on there. Hmmm. This is weird. No make that a very weird drink.

If you're wondering why the coffee company has come up with this new twist on their cold brew it's part of their efforts to help rebuild the coffee industry in the Congo. They wanted a drink that would reflect the flavors of the Congo.

Right now it's only available for a limited time at their Seattle Reserve Roastery.

However, if it did make it's way to Rockford, would you try it?

As for me,well, I like hot and iced coffee, but I don't know about a peppery flare with beef jerky? I'm not a beef jerky fan at all.

I'm known to try new things but I'm just not into this. Pepper and meat in coffee just doesn't seem right to me. No thanks. I think I'd pass on this drink.

Maybe it's a good thing it's only available in Seattle.


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