Before we go any further I just want to be clear. No. Your children will not be able to smoke joints, bowls, blunts, oil, regs, mids, dro, the Bobby Browns, the Reggie Millers, grass, hash, buds, nugs, flower, chronic, or the sticky icky icky on school grounds. I mean they could, but it wouldn't be allowed.

According to the Chicago Tribune, "The state Senate voted 50-2 last week to allow students who qualify for medical marijuana to consume it on school premises, as long as they don’t smoke it and school officials agree that it won’t disrupt other students."

Named "Ashley's Law," after 12 year old Ashley Surin from Schaumburg, it could be a real game changer for parents and students who need to look for alternative forms of medicine that don't come from Big Pharm. After all, they've made it perfectly clear they are here to make money. Not help sick people.

Ashley suffers from epilepsy. She developed it while going through chemotherapy treatments for leukemia. This little angel has not been as fortunate as others health wise but she's a fighter.

"Ashley has been wearing a patch and using lotion containing cannabidiol, or CBD oil, with a small amount of THC, the psychoactive element in cannabis, since December. It does not get her high, but has eliminated her seizures, her parents told the Chicago Tribune."

The House approved the measure with an overwhelming vote of 99-1. Now, it all comes down to Illinois Governor Rauner. He has 60 days from its passage (April) to make a decision.

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