It's always a case of us vs. them and when it comes to funding of schools, if Illinois Gov Rauner gets his way, Rockford and DeKalb schools could be big winners.

The Illinois school School funding debate rages on and the tug of war continues in Springfield over how to find education in Illinois.

There are three different ideas regarding how to change the state's education funding formula now up in the Illinois Senate. Senate Democrats oppose the Governor's plan.

WGN-TV reports that

Gov. Bruce Rauner says he wants to increase overall funding for schools, but blames Democrats for holding that funding hostage by demanding that the state’s funding formula be changed to divert more money to Chicago Public Schools.

The Illinois State Board of Education has released the winners and losers under Governor Rauner's school funding proposals

Rockford Schools would gain over $4.8 Million in additional revenue for schools, while DeKalb would gain over $2.3 million.

The winners include Rockford and DeKalb.

Rockford and DeKalb Schools Will Win Under Gov Rauner's School Funding Plan
Illinois State Board of Education graphic

The top loser is Chicago who would lose over $74 Million

C:\Getty Images\Dem_losers.png
Illinois Board of Education graphic

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