It's not everyday hazmat makes house calls.

That's exactly what they did yesterday at this Illinois home.

What the heck? Really? Why?

A Naperville resident was doing a little spring cleaning when they had to have Hazmat come in. (NBC Chicago)

During their cleaning they cam across a package in their basement that was full of uranium.


Umm... How did a radioactive package full of uranium get there?

Apparently, the homeowner's late husband was a scientist and the package belonged to him.

His name wasn't Doc Brown was it? Oh wait Doc wasn't married.

A neighbor told NBC Chicago that "the package had been in the home for about 30 years, and the resident didn't know what to do with it."

So naturally, they stored it in the basement.

Oh I see. That's normal right?

OMG... can you imagine?

By the way, the package was examined by Hazmat and was found that "it did contain radioactive material but not at levels considered dangerous." According to Naperville Fire Division Chief, Amy Scheller "the public was not a risk from the package that was discovered" yesterday.

I just wonder if these people were effected by the uranium being stored in their home for 30 years?

Why would they, especially the late husband scientist, think it was fine to do that? Wow! just wow!

I the residents in that neighborhood should be glad they didn't bury it in their yard or something like that.

This story just makes me shake my head.



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