TIME magazine has a new issue coming out that will feature three Illinois on the front cover.

Of the 48 women selected through out the United States three of them are right here from Illinois, Naperville to be exact (Daily Herald)

The significant thing about these women is that not only are they from our home state of Illinois but they are all running for office.

In an article from ABC7, "Lauren Underwood, Valerie Montgomery and Anne Stava-Murray are all running for elected office for the first time [and will be featured on] the magazine [cover for the issue called] "The Avengers."

"The Avengers" issue from "Time Magazine [will feature] dozens of women from around the country that mobilized to run for office after participating in 2017's Women's March or, as in Underwood's case, felt strongly about saving the Affordable Care Act."

Lauren Underwood said that "I was so honored because our portion of the story really talked about that domino effect of one woman running and really encouraging other women to run,. "Lauren is running as a candidate for Illinois' 14th Congressional District and "is the only woman and person of color in the Democratic primary for the 14th District."

Ms. Underwood also encouraged "Anne Stava-Murray to run. The 32-year-old mother of two, who is expecting her third child, is running unopposed in the Democratic primary for state representatives in the 81st District."

Anne Stava-Murray said "When I think about what made me say yes to that call for office, there's a lot of different important issues that we're not getting proper action on." 

As for Valerie Montgomery "came back from last year's march determined to encourage more women to run for office in the Naperville area." After she connected with "Ms.Underwood, [who was then the single mother of a child with autism, [she] decided to seek the office herself. She is running for state representative in the 41st District."

All three women have stated that they couldn't have done this without each other and if they don't win in this election "they will run again."

I just think it's awesome to have such strong women from out state running for things that they strongly believe. Whether I'm for or against what they stand for doesn't matter. I just want to encourage them and any other to reach for your dreams and regardless of what others may say keep going forward and standing firm on what your believe in.

As the saying that is on my office wall says "Be the change you wish to see in this world"~ Ghandi.



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