Volunteer firefighters hold a very special place in my heart. My grandfather, father, brother, husband, and many friends have served as volunteer firefighters for several departments in the Stateline area, and it takes a special kind of dedication, and person, to do that.

Volunteer firefighters give up many hours of their lives, miss many family events, and continuously put their own safety on the line to protect others, even though it is not their "job". While these brave men and women deserve our utmost respect and gratitude, they can't really protect us from the latest scam plaguing Illinois residents.

Rockton Fire Warns Residents About Bogus Solicitation Letters

Hosting events to raise much-needed money for local fire departments is nothing new, but those donation requests are almost always made in person. Remember that if you receive a letter that looks like this the next time you open your mail...

Rockton Fire Protection District via Facebook
Rockton Fire Protection District via Facebook

While the above letter may look legit, the Rockton Fire Protection District wants their residents to know it's is absolutely not. Their message on Facebook says;

The Rockton Fire Protection District does not solicit by phone or mail. Residents are receiving these notifications and believe monies donated go towards their local fire departments. THAT IS FALSE.

I have not seen any seen Rockford, or any other local fire departments, issue the same warning yet, but if it's happening in Rockton, you know it will be happening here soon too. The most important thing to remember is; if you want to make a monetary donation to your local fire department, contact them DIRECTLY, or drop it off in person.

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