It's every student's worst fear; they miss school, and then their principal comes to their house Ferris Bueller-style to find out why.

This nightmare actually happened to some Freeport students recently, but it was not as sneaky or as bad as it sounds. Believe it or not, it was actually a positive thing.

According to WREX;

Principal Matt Bohrer and Cindy Phillips with Lincoln Douglas Elementary went door to door talking with parents who's children missed a significant amount of school last year. If parents weren't home, they left a packet of information about their student's absences and what resources are available to them for help.

Principal Bohrer also told WREX that he knows a student's absence is often not their fault, so going door-to-door was his way of showing parents that he cares about their child's education and that he is here to help.

Sounds like Lincoln Douglas Elementary students are pretty lucky to have Principal Bohrer in their corner.

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