Looking to expand your collection of houseplants? This is literally the perfect event.

Our friend from the Rockford Park District, Laura Gibbs Green, joined the show for her weekly Friday segment at 7:20 to let us know what to do over the weekend. She had a particularly interesting event that I had never heard of before called a "Houseplant Swap" at Nicholas Conservatory this Saturday.

Initially I thought it was an event where people brought whole, possibly unwanted houseplants and you swapped plants with other people. It's not quite that.

Instead of a whole plant, you're just supposed to bring some clippings from a plant in your house that people can take and then propagate themselves to grown into a plant of their own.

Want to take part in this but you're just an amatuer green thumb and aren't sure how to clip and propagate plants? No worries. Just follow the directions from this YouTube video and you'll be fine.

And if you're worried about not knowing enough about plants to partake in the event, you shouldn't. I'm not in the gardening community myself but have talked to some that are and they want nothing more than to share their knowledge of everything that grows with people. It's a very inclusive and helpful community.

Need another reason to visit Nicholas this weekend? You're in luck. Their Titan Arum, AKA Grimace, is about to bloom and needs to be seen, and smelled to believe.

The corpse flower smells of rotting flesh when it blooms and as something that's honestly hard to describe.

A trip inside the conservatory to see Grimace will cost you regular admission. The houseplant swap will take place outside and is free for anyone to swing by and swap plants or just to talk to some gardening folk. The swap takes place from 1-3PM Saturday the 17th.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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