A former Rochelle Township High School Student's small gesture of making bracelets to raise money for the April 9th tornado victims, turned into a huge opportunity of giving to those effected.

The Rochelle News Leader reports that Zach Pauser, a senior during the April 9th Tornadoes, wanted to do something to help raise funds for the tornado victim effected in Rochelle .

Zach, now graduated, made up the Hub Strong jelly bracelets to sell as a way to raise funds to help those that lost everything on April 9th.

What Zach didn't realize that his little venture turned out to be a huge success. Originally, Zach had order only 250 bracelets but the orders from those wanting to help in purchasing those bracelets grew from 250 to 1, 500.

The outpouring of those purchasing the bracelets was so strong Zach said "We sold them all over town and I’ve sent a lot out in the mail from buyers who live all around the country.”

Wow! That is really cool to see one small idea grow into something huge. I love to read about and see things like this. It really restores your faith in humanity, when you see others reaching out to help others in what seems like a small way turn into a huge rally to a community. All it takes is one small spark to start a fire.

Zach Pauser certainly deserves to be rewarded with the "Good Citizen" award for looking out for those that were devastated by the EF-4 tornado.

John Shank; Rochelle News Leader

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