Is it April 16th or February 16th? It's hard to tell if we didn't have a calendar.

Snow and cold, YUCK!

However, there's a silver lining to this.

Here are five things to thankful that it's still winter in Rockford.

I know you might think this crazy but one thing my mom always reminds me of when I want to complain is that things that could be worse and that I should focus on things I'm grateful for instead of being negative.

To be honest when I woke up this morning seeing more snow after after the sloppy nasty rainy, sleety, snowy and windy weekend. I was grumpy.

I thought "Seriously.. more freaking snow! Ugh!"

However, I didn't want this to ruin my day, because honestly there's not much I can do about the weather. I can't change it.

Here's what I came up with to be thankful for that we still have winter weather in the middle of April.

1. No Bugs. No stupid biting insects like those "no-see-ums" or pesky gnats and worse yet the dreaded mosquitoes.

2. No need to mow your lawn.  And the snow that's fallen easily melts away no need for a shovel. Maybe a push of a broom.

3. No worries that you don't have your summer bod yet and you albino skin will blind others.

4. Ladies, we don't have to shave our legs or not nearly as often as we do when wearing are shorts and summer skirts.

5. Ladies we can still wear our cute boots and we don't need about showing off our toes and having to get or do pedicures yet because of our sandals and flip flops.

I'm sure there are a lot more things I could come up with to be thankful for this winter weather in what's supposed to be spring, but for now I'm feeling pretty good with these five.

Now what makes you grateful for this winter weather? Do you have anything else that can be added to this?

I know we got a double whammy of it being Monday and it's snowy, but let's try to be happy anyway today.





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