Just in time for the BBQ season and eventually warmer days and months, Bud Light released a new citrus flavor.

Have you seen it in Rockford?

Introducing Bud Light Lime's citrus cousin..... BUD LIGHT ORANGE!



This promises to be the most "summeriest" beer on the planet.

Now I'm curious.

Is it?

I like Bud Light Lime. It's so refreshing and cool on hot summer days, it tastes great with chips and salsa or any Mexican food really.

I think Bud Light Lime sort of tastes like sprite.

So now I'm very curious about it's cousin Bud Light Orange.

Will it taste like Sunkist, or Orange Crush?

Oh I hope so. That would be fantastic.

According to Thrillist, Bud Light Orange, just like Bud Light Lime, "is brewed with actual peels from the fruit it's meant to taste like". So that means, it will have "an authentic hint of orange flavor."

Now I'm really interesting in trying this drink.

I'm not a fan of Blue Moon or Shock Top orange flavored beers. I think they taste like drunken carrots. I don't taste the orange at all. Even served with an orange wedge.

This one sounds as it if it will have a sparkly, orange flavor. Now that I like.

So now I'll be on the hunt to find this in Rockford.

Have you seen it anywhere yet?

I'm betting Woodman's will have it. they have everything.

This is one time I won't mind grocery shopping.



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