Two of the world's most famous beers are battling it out over corn syrup.


In federal court, on Wednesday a judge ordered Anheuser-Busch to stop using packaging that implies their rival MillerCoors contains corn syrup, according to a report from the Associated Press via 23 WIFR.

This expands on an injunction that was issued in May which bars Anheuser-Busch from claiming so in television, print, and billboard advertising.

Currently, you may notice on the cardboard packaging for Bud Light six, twelve, and twenty-four packs say 'No Corn Syrup' in big bold letters. It also invites customers to look at their ingredients online, which states that Bud Light is brewed with water, barley, rice, and hops.

While Miller does admit to using corn syrup in their fermentation process for Miller Lite and Coors Lite, they say the final product contains no corn syrup.

They think Anheuser-Busch's smack-talking campaign is bad for business, in more ways than one.

In a statement MillerCoors CEO Gavin Hattersley said:

With this ruling, we are holding Bud Light accountable for their actions, and we will keep holding their feet to the fire every time they intentionally mislead the American public."

This whole thing started back in March when Bud ran an ad during the Super Bowl where their Bud Light Knights delivered a barrel of corn syrup to the Miller LIter Castle.

This caused Miller to sue to the tune of $30 million on the basis of a "false and misleading' campaign.

Milwaukee-based U.S. District Judge William Conley made his ruling on Wednesday that Anheuser-Busch will be allowed to use the current packaging it has until they run out, or March 2020. Whichever comes first out of the two.

As of June 6th Busch is claiming they had printed 64 million packages that are worth $27.7 million, all of which contains the "No Corn Syrup" icon.

Miller wanted the judge to force Bud to stop using the packaging altogether, but Bud claimed that doing so would cost them greatly. They say an estimated $76 million.

Both Miller leaders and the judge think that number is a tad inflated but the current ruling stands.

Both plan to keep defending their side of the dispute in court till all is settled.

More information on this ongoing case can be found here.

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