Your mind may be trying to convince you that fall is around the corner but, remember, this is the upper midwest. The summer temperatures in Northern Illinois are notoriously ridiculous in June and July but don't sleep on August because it can be just as brutal.

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Batuhan Toker

Forecasts for the first week of August are pointing towards excessive heat for more than half of the United States. At this point, it appears Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota will get the brunt of the heat. Far western and southwestern parts of Wisconsin will feel it too.

WGN weather producer Bill Snyder shared a National Weather Service Graphic revealing where the excessive heat should be expected. However, the map fails to detail the actual temperatures to expect. You're not going to like the temps that are likely headed our way.

First, here's Bill's tweet about next week's heat.

Thanks for the great news, Bill.

If you hate heat you're going to want to stop reading now because with the humidity factored into the equation temperatures could soar well above 100°. I'm no meteorologist nor do I claim to be, I also don't play one on TV but I do know how to find certain bits of weather-related information. (Shoutout to a former meteorologist and my former roommate Eric Sorensen.)

The Weather Channel is forecasting a high of 95° on Wednesday (Aug. 3), 94° on Thursday (Aug 4), and 91° on Friday (Aug. 5).

NWS, Canva
NWS, Canva

The most miserable day next week will be Wednesday.

Wednesday's high of 95° with 59% humidity means it will feel like 112°. Thursday isn't much better at 111° and Friday at 103°.

Here's a little cheat sheet to help figure out the "feels like temp" (heat index) when it's hot outside.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

You can read the rest of the detailed extended forecast for next week here.

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