Don't want your pooch to be harmed by the ice melts and salts you use on your sidewalk and driveway? Consumer Reports has an easy solution.

There's no disputing that salts used in ice melt blends can damage your pet's paws. The salt can cause irritation and even inflammation, and the situation can worsen if your pet licks their paws.

Consumer Reports recent post, Ice Melt Is Ice Melt Here's How to Use It
What you need to know to de-ice your driveway without doing damage—to concrete, plantings, and pets' paws, was shared.

One of the experts Consumer Reports spoke with, retired veterinarian Robert Sharp of Hillsboro, Ohio, couldn't confirm that the expensive 'pet-friendly' ice melts were actually any better for your pets' paws. His alternative is a water-filled pan at the entry to your home, with a towel nearby so you can rinse your pet's paws as soon as they come back inside.

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