One of the top pet-friendly hotels in the United States is located in Illinois.

What To Do With Your Pets While You Are On Vacation

I absolutely love going on vacation. It is was one of my favorite things to do with my family every year. In fact, I would do it more if I could afford it. There is only one problem with leaving town for several days. That is what to do with our pets. As a kid, I felt bad taking off without them. Honestly, I still do.

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Growing up, we had dogs. They need a little bit more supervision. Luckily, we had a neighborhood that would come by and take care of them. Now, my family has a cat. They are easier to leave. A friend will stop by every couple of days to check on her.

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There is the option to bring your pet along but that also takes a lot of work. First of all, you have to find places that allow pets. Then you have to do the extra work while on vacation, which is not ideal. It is possible at some special businesses.

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There Are Pet-Friendly Hotels Are Available

If you do not want to leave your pet home alone, especially if you do not have someone or somewhere you trust to care for them, there are some pet-friendly hotels available. Of course, they will cost a little bit extra but it might be perfect for your situation. It is not just leaving your dog in your room all day, there are some services they provide.


One Of The Top Pet-Friendly Hotels In The United States Is Located In Illinois

Maybe, you are thinking about taking off for a long weekend but staying close, there is a hotel right here in Illinois that will welcome your pet with open arms. That is Virgin Hotel in Chicago. They have a lot to offer your special family member.


Here are some things they feature for pets...

  • Pets are welcomed to Virgin Hotel.
  • Pet-friendly rooms in downtown Chicago.
  • Dog-friendly chambers.
  • Comfy pet-menities.
  • Pets treated as good as their owners.
  • Pets stay free.
  • No size or breed restrictions.
  • Porcelain watchdog outside your door.
  • Comfortable pet bed.
  • Food and water dishes.
  • Treats.
  • Bandana to look stylish.
  • For more info, HERE.

It sounds like a fun adventure for you and your best friend.

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