The things people search for on Google are fascinating. From conspiracies to laws, and everyday questions every adult should already know the answer to, there are some head-scratching searches online.


More often than not some of the most sought-after questions on search engines have to do with the legalities. Yes, sometimes we want to know the weirdest, strangest laws in our state or country or maybe someone is looking to cheat the legal system through a proverbial loophole.

6 Quirky Laws That Will Take Effect in Illinois in 2018

If you land on a website like Quora or Reddit you could spend hours browsing random questions about laws and legalities and 99.99999% of the time you are likely to find an answer with a note that it is not actually bonified legal advice.

This means, even though it may seem helpful, you should seek actual legal counsel before moving further with your situation.


Family law can be difficult and not one of the subjects that should be taken lightly. There isn't room for assumptions and assertions unless a lawyer has confirmed your assumption is actually a fact.



Who doesn't love witnessing or hearing about a heated family fight in which nobody gets physically hurt? You might be thinking, "you're messed up," and you would be right but if it were true The Jerry Springer Show wouldn't have been such a hit on tv.

Also, there is a neverending amount of family quarrels floating around the internet and, as someone who works with web analytics and article publishing, people always dive into a good family-fight story.


This is actually one of the top search results for family fights in Illinois and I'm not even kidding. In fact, multiple legal firms have answered this question with the reminder that their response is not to be considered legal advice.

Check out this question/response from Domestic Defense Chicago.

Is Fighting With Your Sibling Domestic Battery?

Fighting with your sibling – physical fighting, that is; not arguing – is considered domestic battery in the state of Illinois. That’s because the Illinois Domestic Violence Act outlines certain relationships between people that turn the crime of battery into domestic battery, and “blood-related family members” is one of those relationships.

So, regardless of blood (or bad blood) and no matter how quickly you all make amends, you could still be in some legal trouble.

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