Do you have a zombie apocalypse escape plan in your head or are you normal?

Personally, I've thought about zombie apocalypses a lot. I blame movies, TV shows, video games, etc. But it always makes me think ... would I survive? My boyfriend plays A LOT of zombie video games. So even though I don't think my chances for survival are very high, I think if I stick with my man, I'll be safe.

But it turns out we might not even be set up for that much success because of where we live. A new study revealed the best and worst states for surviving a zombie apocalypse. Spoiler alert - Illinois isn't very high on the list.

It was revealed that being in the Midwest would be beneficial for the following reasons -

More farmlands with fewer people may help you from falling under whatever zombie-inducing disease is floating around. Plus, farming up your own food instead of relying on trading, hunting, or scavenging may help you survive longer.

But not Illinois apparently! What gives?

Here's the top ten states MOST likely to survive -

  1. North Dakota
  2. Nebraska
  3. South Dakota
  4. Iowa
  5. Kansas
  6. Idaho
  7. California
  8. Nevada
  9. Montana
  10. Minnesota

Here's what the map of the whole US looks like just for reference.

Cable TV
Cable TV

Looks like the further East you move, the more screwed you are!

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Illinois ranked 40th on the list

How is Wisconsin going to come in at 18th and Illinois is so low on the list? I guess now we know if things get rocky, we should all pack in the car and head up to Wisconsin. Don't forget to get some Spotted Cow for the apocalypse. It makes everything better.


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