It's been less than 24 hours and the community of Dixon is still reeling from the school shooting. However the residents, students and the shooting suspect's mother are all grateful to Officer Mark Dallas.

ABC7 shares that  during yesterday's shooting incident, Resource Officer Mark Dallas "he ran toward the sound of gunshots and found [Matthew] Milby holding a gun near the gymnasium during graduation rehearsal. The two exchanged gunfire, but only Milby was hurt."

Those in the community were "relieved the situation didn't turn out much worse. Many were also grateful for Dallas."

Even the suspects mother said that "she was grateful to Dallas for not killing her son. She also [added that] her son had been ostracized at school."

Regardless, we are all thankful for the quick thinking and training that Officer Dallas used in response to the gun shots, running to the scene and preventing any other injuries or even fatalities.

As for the shooting suspect, Matthew Milby, Lee County State's Attorney has charged him with "three counts of aggravated discharge of a firearm." However, it appears that "more charges could be filed." Currently, Milby's "bond [has] set at $2 million."

As scary as yesterday's shooting was, I am so glad it basically stopped before things turned deadly.

I hope that Matthew gets the help that he needs and the students can eventually return back to a somewhat normal life and not live in fear.




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