You just can't make this stuff up. Estately Real Estate Search recently took some heat after publishing a list of the Oddest Town Names in Each State.


By heat I mean they were subjected to "relentless online criticism for omitting a handful of town names that sounded sexual or obscene in nature. We would like to apologize to everyone we let down, especially the good people from the towns of Intercourse, Blue Balls, Climax, etc."

Estately then decided;

In order to make things right, we’ve created a new map using only the lewdest, most sexualized town names. To do this, we placed our minds in the gutter and spent days looking over detailed maps and scrutinizing the names of all cities, towns, and unincorporated communities for anything that sounded even remotely sexual or perverse.

Honestly, I'm ashamed that this map made me laugh so hard. I feel like a teenage boy should be showing you this instead of me, but nonetheless, here you go.

More Dirty Town Names in Illinois

"Boody" may have won the prize for the dirtiest town name in Illinois, but we have some fantastic runner-ups like Bone Gap, Breeds, Bush, Chicken Bristle, Chittyville, Diswood, Dongola, Ficklin, Honey Bend, Kumler, La Fox, Lick Creek, Love, Shobonier in this state.

Wisconsin is home to some dirty ones too including;  Breed, Cheat Lake, Dickeyville, Clam Falls, Imalone, Longwood, Sextonville, Spooner, Spread Eagle, Tainter.

What in the world were people thinking when they came up with these town names? See the complete list of naughty town names for every state, here.

If I had to pick my favorite dirty town name, I think I have to go with...Humptulips, Washington....but Dickshooter, Idaho comes in a very close second. 😂😂😂😂😂

What's your favorite? Send us an app message and let us know.

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