Wisconsin is well known for its cheese, beer, and hard-to-pronounce town names, but did you know it is also home to some seriously questionable and funny town names too?

The Hardest to Pronounce Town Names in Wisconsin

Many town names throughout Wisconsin represent the history of how they were settled and are also strongly tied to the state's large Native American presence. While the list of hard-to-pronounce Wisconsin town names is long, here are the ones that get butchered the most according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel;

  • Waukesha (WAW-ki-shaw)
  • Chetek (SHU-tek)
  • Gillett (JILL-it)
  • Iola (Eye-OH-luh)
  • Oconomowoc (oh-CON-oh-moh-wok)
  • Shawano (SHAH-no)
  • Weyauwega (why-uh-WEE-guh)
  • Manitowoc (MAN-i-tuh-wok)
  • Menomonie (muh-NOM-uh-nee)
  • Kaukauna (kaw-KAW-nuh)
  • Waunakee (WAH-nuh-key)
  • Prairie du Chein (Preh-ree doo SHEEN)

The Funniest Town Names in Wisconsin

Now that we understand that many of the town names throughout Wisconsin are nods to Native American heritage, how do you explain the reason behind some of these odd, yet pretty funny town names in the Badger State?

WisconsinLegends recently asked Wisconsin residents what they thought were the funniest/strangest town names in the state, and here are the winners...

Ok, I think we can all agree that Disco, Spread Eagle, and Butts Corner are some pretty odd choices for town names, but Wisconsin has many more to make you giggle too.

Here are some of my favorites from a list I found on discoverwisconsin.com;

  • Pardeeville
  • Embarrass
  • Fence
  • Taycheedah
  • Random Lake
  • Mishicot (only because it translates into "hairy leg" LOL)
  • Footville
  • Bosstown
  • Bluff Siding
  • Ixonia

Have you been to any of these strangely-named towns in Wisconsin before? Are they as weird as they sound? Send us an app message and let us know!

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