Dick's Sporting Goods corporate headquarters announced that all stores, including Rockford's, will be pulling all assault style firearms from their shelves.

In light of the Parkland, Florida school shootings the sporting goods retailer announced (via WGN) that not only will they be pulling all assault style rifles from their shelves they will also be raising the minimum age to sell guns to 21.

Dick's will not be selling any high powered rifles that can shoot several rounds of ammunition without reloading and any accessories that go with those said firearms.

Although the Parkland, FL shooter used and assault style weapon he did not purchase it from Dick's.

However, the retailer is discontinuing the sale of these weapons.

In fact, back in 2012 right after the Sandy Hook School shooting, Dick's pulled "the military-style semiautomatic weapons in its stores, but it continued to sell those weapons at its 35 Field and Stream stores."

Effective today, all of those styles of guns will no longer be available for purchase in any of their Dick's branded stores or their Field and Stream stores.

Can we get an amen on this.

I have no problem with guns, but I do have a problem with assault style weapons being sold to the average everyday person. Why would a civilian need such a weapon?

If you not in the military in need of using an assault style rifle, I honestly don't see the need for it in your homes.

You can't hunt with it.You'd obliterate the animal.

I can see if your a gunsmith and a collector of guns, but honestly an everyday average person doesn't need this type of gun as far as I can see.

That is just my opinion.

Others my have a different take on this.

One thing I know for sure we can all agree on, is that we need to protect our kids and innocent people from being gunned down senselessly from a disgruntled individual.




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