Well, lookie here!

Restaurants in DeKalb and Rockford have been named one of the nineteen best pizza places in the entire state of Illinois!

Pizza Villa of DeKalb and Lino's in Rockford both made the Thrillist.com list as tasty pizza joints that you must eat at.

I have to agree on their judgement for both places.

Pizza Villa was the place to go for pizza when I was in school at N.I.U. Plus, they have the best Beer Nuggets. Those are awesome alone, dipped in sugar or of course marinara sauce.

Then we have Lino's. Hands down they are the best here in Rockford for being locally owned. Don't get me started on their special salad. There's a reason they call it special. Tasty!  Heck! We give away a free pizza every Thursday with the Wake-Up Crew, because it's just that good!

Also on the list the ranked Giordano's and Lou Malnati's Pizza. Oh yummo! Those places are my favorites for Chicago Style Deep Dish. Giordano's, here in Rockford, is my substitute when I can't get my Lou Malnati's fix. The closest Lou Malnati's is in Crystal Lake. I enjoy that delicacy when I visit my sister in Algonquin.

Click this link, The Nineteen Best Pizza Places in the Entire State of Illinois, to see the complete list.