Illinois Dog Chosen as a Secretary on Biden’s Dog Major’s Cabinet
If you didn't already know, Joe Biden is bringing the first shelter dog, "Major" to the White House! And spoiler alert, Major is SO cute. He's actually brining two dogs into the White House, but Major is the first shelter dog.
Look how adorable these new patriotic pups are -

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10 Rockford Costumes That Have Already Won Halloween
If you didn't know, you have the chance to win the Ultimate At-Home Halloween Bucket with us. It's super easy to enter to win, all you have to do is send us a Halloween photo. It could be you, your dog, family, kids, whoever, as long as they're in costume...
Impressively Carved Pumpkins From Rockford Need Your Vote
Carving pumpkins is something that takes way more skill than people realize. You can have this awesome design, you can have all the right tools, but not matter how prepared you are, it's hard to have a completely successful pumpkin carve...

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