The fog is making a lengthy appearance during this weird weather mix, which means some people have to re-learn how to drive in it. Hopefully this will help.

For those of us that are in a hurry in the morning, it's important to remember to slow down when the weather isn't sunny and dry. If you're not like me and don't have a window for your arrival time, leave a little earlier in case there is fog, ice, or snow.

This morning I drove from Rockford to Rochelle on 251 and it was scary. I passed several cars with no lights on, while others had their brights on. If you're having a hard time seeing in front of you, make sure your headlights are ON but not on bright. Also, it's a good idea not to tailgate - especially in hazardous driving conditions. shares these tips on driving in the fog:

• Turn off your cruise control and increase your following distance.

• Drive with your headlights set on dim or use fog lights.

• Slow down. If you see headlights or taillights, slow down even more. A driver may be driving in the center of the roadway or may be stopped or barely moving.

• Do not overdrive your headlights. Stay within the limits of your vision; you may have to stop suddenly. If the fog is too dense, pull off the road and stop; do not drive at 5-10 mph.

• Use your turn signal long before you turn.

• Brake early when you approach a stop to warn other drivers.

I'm not asking you to take it slow but just be safe and smart. Help us all get to our destinations in one piece.