Ever wonder what the legal age is to leave your kids at home either in Illinois or Wisconsin? There is a legal answer. 

In the state of Illinois, no matter how mature the child is, they have to be 14 years old. According to imom.com, 14 is the legal age. In fact, you can find the entire law right here. Illinois is one of five states that have a set age, when other states have age guidelines but not set ages.

For our neighbors to the north, there is no legal age limit to leave your kids home alone. That doesn't mean that you can leave a 5 year old at home alone for hours on end and not get in trouble. It means that you should use good judgement on when the child is ready to be left alone.

When I was growing up, my parents always left me home alone when i was at the age of 13. I also watched my sister at that time. Now it seems that parents are becoming more protective and that can be a good thing.

Do you leave your kids at home alone and at what age did you let them stay home alone?

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