If you see 3,000 people dressed in all white eating delicious food in Chicago this summer, don't be alarmed.

I'm giving you fair warning. There is a super awesome and very exclusive gourmet picnic coming to Chicago and if you aren't aware of what's happening, it may shock you.

August 12, 2016 is the day to be aware of according to the Diner en Blanc website.

Diner en Blanc, french for White Dinner, is one of the most exclusive pop-up dinners in the world. It started in 1988 in Paris and has begun to take place in select cities across the world.

This year, almost 3,000 are expected to be in attendance for the Chicago Diner en Blanc. This isn't your average dinner.

Here's just a small catch, diners have no idea where they are going to have dinner and they have to bring all their own stuff. That's not all.

Diners are required to wear white from head to toe. Diners must bring their own picnic basket, proper stemware, table, two white chairs, white tablecloth and white napkins, none of which can be disposable. You meet at a gathering spot and then you are whisked away to a top secret location for dinner. Once dinner is completed, you must take everything with you and the location must be left as it was before you arrived.

Previously, Chicago Diner en Blanc locations have been Federal Plaza, the Art Institute and the Lincoln Park Zoo Boardwalk. If you are thinking this is as awesome sounding as I do, good luck trying to get it!

Invitations are few and hard to come by, but it is possible to get on the list.

Invitations go in three phases:

  • Phase 1 is for returning 2015 members who attended the previous year’s event
  • Phase 2 is for new members who are referred by Phase I attendees
  • Phase 3 is for guests who register on the waiting list via the official website by July 18th.

I don't know about you, but I put my name on the waiting list. I think it would be such an incredible experience! If you would like to put your name on the waiting list, CLICK HERE.

Here's what it looks like when that many people dressed in white come together for dinner in Chicago in 2014: