A study of almost half a million adults delivers a scary health blow to bacon fans across the globe. 

Researchers spent a great deal of time tracking close to 500,000 adults and discovered something about bacon and all processed meat that you're not going to like hearing, if you like a daily dose of salty meat. Here's what Chicago's ABC 7 shared.

Here's the part of the study you most need to read:

for every 25 grams of processed meats like sausage or bacon eaten every day, a person's risk of colorectal cancer went up 20-percent.

How much is 25 grams (approx. 0.8 ounces) of bacon, you ask? Look down...

Chicago TV Station Shares Study That Just Ruined Bacon Forever
Getty Images/iStockphoto

One thin slice.

The study also found that even an ounce and a half of red meat caused a 19% increased  cancer risk. The average hamburger is four ounces.

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