Is Rockford ready for Burger King's "Nightmare"?

The burger franchise has a new sandwich they're offering that's appropriately named. This thing looks like a nightmare.

WGN shares that the Burger King is offering for a limited time the 'Nightmare King'. Starting this Monday, October 22nd, through November 2nd (at participating restaurants) you can feast on the "quarter-pound beef burger topped with chicken, cheese, bacon, onions, and mayo, on a green sesame seed bun, [that] is “clinically proven to induce nightmares,” according to the burger chain."

Yep they said nightmares, check out their ad if you believe me and see for yourself.


Whether it truly does cause nightmares that remains to be seen or rather eaten by us to find out.

In my opinion, I think it will not only cause nightmares in your sleep but most definitely in your gut. I know it's just food coloring but that green bun looks so gross. Not to mention all that stuff piled on it. It makes me want to grab for the Tums just looking at it.

Or perhaps put a swirly straw in a bottle of Mylanta to sip on to quell the heartburn and indigestion I can see this thing creating.

However, if your brave enough and have an iron stomach have at it.

Just know it's not cheap. The sandwich is $6.39.

Hmm... that price is almost "nightmare-ish." I hope that's the price for a meal deal with fries and drink? You're probably gonna need a large Coke to wash that down.

Just sayin'.

Rockford are you ready to take on this nightmare?





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