The current jackpot for Mega Millions sits at a cushy $810 million. That's a lot of scratch. Even if the winner opts for the take-home cash option, it's just over $470 million. Don't bother asking me what I would do with that dough. My brain can't even comprehend the thought of winning that amount of money.

Is it the largest Mega Millions jackpot in history?

No, it isn't even the second-largest prize. The record for the largest Mega Millions jackpot happened on October 23, 2018, a monstrous $1.537 BILLION!

Jose Luis Pelaez Inc

The sole winner came from South Carolina and because of state laws didn't have to publicly step forward. It makes you wonder if they stayed in the area or ditched everything and left. If that were me I would have gathered my closest family and friends and bought an island, never to be heard from again.

Lots of people are collectively buying tickets together for a piece of the prize.

Coworkers, family, and friends often put their money together when buying lottery tickets, like Mega Millions, in hopes of a massive payout. I'm no legal expert but I feel like there could be a whole lot of trouble brewing if a group does win the jackpot. Who has the actual winning ticket? Is there some sort of plan on paper if a ticket is a big winner? More importantly, does this increase the odds of winning.

While it technically would increase the odds of winning the reality is unlikely. If you have 20 people put money together to purchase 20 tickets you're looking at huge odds. It would be 20 in almost 300,000,000, according to

Even if you buy 100 tickets, your odds are still better for getting killed by a vending machine or getting dealt an opening hand of a Royal Flush in a poker game.

Google Street View
Google Street View

This is pretty awesome, the founder and owner of Raising Cane's Chicken is buying a $2 Mega Million ticket for every employee on staff.

If we win, we win together. Whatever we win, we share it with every, single person!

The company has 50,000 employees and the take-home, should one of the tickets be the big winner, would equal to $9,400 for each employee. Not a bad bonus at all.

What the heck is in the sauce?

If you've never been to a Raising Cane's you've got to pop by one sooner than later, there are about 20 in Illinois.

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